Friday, November 7, 2008

Help. I've taken a wrong click and can't get back.

Am I the only one that feels like she could get lost in Blogland never to return again? Seriously, there are way too many amazing and creative people out there. It's inspiring.... and more than a little humbling. It seems like everytime I have an idea, someone out there has already done it. And they've done it better than me. It's great for the mind, not so much for the ego.

Anyway..... I'm really here to write about Thanksgiving. I have to admit that it really isn't my favorite holiday. I love pumpkin pie as much as the next girl, but I really prefer Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July. Danny and I are lucky enough to have our families in the same town, so we usually get to spend time with both families for the holidays. But as we're getting older and our families are growing, we've had to start switching back and forth for the main events on each day. This year is my family's turn for Thanksgiving, so I'm trying to get really excited about it and find more ways to enjoy the day.

Now for the tie in.... I found the greatest Thanksgiving ideas in Blogland and online. I'm so excited to try some of them out. I've posted some of my favorites below. Also, I've found the cutest turkey and fall cupcakes. I'll be posting one every day on my Cupcake Blog.

Now, maybe I should go get some practice in and bake a pumpkin pie. :)

The most adorable Fall party from

And this amazingly cute invitation from Tiny Prints:

A cakelet pan from Williams Sonoma:

Dishes from Pottery Barn, of course:

Thanksgiving Table Top Questions from Plum Party:

Chocolate placesetting turkeys from Lake Champlain Chocolates:

I'm sure there will probably be more to come, but for now, I must start trying to find the trail of breadcrumbs back home from Blogland.


Leann said...

Greetings from Lake Champlain Chocolates! It's Saturday morning and I'm reading your blog. First a thank you for the nice inclusion of our chocolate turkeys. I try to thank people when I find our stuff in their posts because honestly, it makes me feel so good that a thank you is definitely in order. :-) But also, thank you for listing the other items because coming from a big family, I am always on the lookout for neat items for Thanksgiving. So, thank you for sharing your great finds! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and all goes well with your dinner.

If you ever find yourself in Burlington, VT on Pine Street, stop in and say hi! I'm always there at the factory.


Sarah Porter said...

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J+S said...

I do love Thanksgiving, just not Thanksgiving food. I think I love all holidays because I'm a sucker like that. I saw this fall party spread on hostessblog, too. How do people think of these things? I wish I were half as creative as these bloggers. I feel inferior, and I'm comforted to know that I'm not the only one. :)

Happy trails in blogland. Maybe I should send you some ruby slippers so you can always find your way home after making those stray clicks.

And great job on finding those chocolate turkeys!