Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Love Holidays - Tax Freedom Day

Apparently April 13th is "Tax Freedom Day." Initially, I was pretty excited. I thought, "Wow, we get a tax-free holiday?" Then I learned the sobering truth...

This year, the average American will have to work through April 13th just to make enough money to pay income taxes on the money he/she will earn in 2009.
Excuse me a minute, I think I just threw up a little.

Americans will pay more in taxes this year than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined (some day I'd like to disprove that statistic with my shoe budget alone).

Apparently this is good news, however. Last year it took us until April 21. And Tax Freedom Day is a full two weeks earlier this year than it was in 2007.
I'd really like to end with some sort of glass-half-full statement, but I just can't bring myself to think of one. I have to get back to work now, so I can continue to pay on my tax bill.

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