Tuesday, April 22, 2008

29 Wishes For My 29th Year

I couldn't possibly have the latest blog post on my birthday be about a kid with the fork through his nose, could I?

Every year on my birthday I make a wish for each year I've been alive. It makes getting older less painful because I get more wishes every year!!! It's kind of like making New Year's Resolutions, only lots more fun.

So this year, my wishes are:
To get in the best shape of my life.
Health for myself and all of my family and friends.
Wealth for the same.
To make sure Valerie knows how much she is loved every day.
To go to Hawaii.
To start learning French - again.
To take more tennis lessons
More shoes!!
To go sea kayaking.
To finally buy some furniture from Pottery Barn.
To learn to scuba dive.
To be more appreicative of the amazing people in my life and spend more time with them.
To get a massage once a month.
To decorate my bedroom.
To waterski.
To spend more time with my nephews, niece, and the one on the way!
To be grateful for the lessons I've learned "the hard way."
To watch less TV.
To play more board games.
To complain less.
To wear more lingerie.
To stop procrastinating so often.
To make my bed more often.
To take more photos.
To write in my journal more.
To remember every day how blessed I am.
Love more.
Laugh more.
Live more.

Oh, and if I get "one to grow on," I'll take this hammock from Pottery Barn!


Suzie Young said...

I can't decide if I want the cake or the hammock more....

Joe, Les & Stella said...

Happy Birthday!! I love the wishes - I'll lay in the hammock while eating the cake! I hope your day was amazing!

J+S said...

Seriously, you're 29? Sheesh, I'm feeling soooooo old!