Friday, April 18, 2008

My Little Sleepy Head

Poor Valerie has to get up bright and early to go to daycare. Who am I kidding? She's almost always the first one up. She was soooooo cute this morning that I had to stop and take a picture even though I was running late. I wish you could see her whole outfit, but she refused to put down the blanket and bear. Her new babysitter, Heather, is wonderful, and Valerie seems to be liking it there already (It didn't hurt that Heather got a new swingset).

We took Subway to the park last night for dinner and let the kids (Valerie and Indy) run around like crazy for an hour. I bet you are all so jealous that it is warm here.

Oh and guess what. It's FRIDAY!!!


Suzie Young said...

Oh my gosh! I love her - she gets cuter every day I think. I miss her.

Joe, Les & Stella said...

She is so cute! SO CUTE!! Can you move to Utah and be my neighbor?