Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Danny and Valerie came to visit me the other day and brought me some lunch. Valerie loved hanging out and now asks to come visit every day. She kicked me out of my chair and got right down to work. I may just have to find her a preschool with a pre-law track.

Also, meet Grandma's new puppy, Mimi.

Isn't she cute? I almost stuffed her in my purse and made a dash back to Boise.


Tessa said...

You could have stole that dog for me too....Way too freaking cute but so's your kid hard at work!

Megan Blake Swensen said...

Wow...Valerie looks like a mini-Angela :) Maybe we could start the pre-law preschool. You could come up with the curriculum and I can teach! Let's work on that.

J+S said...

Valerie looks like a natural in the office. If I were involved in a lawsuit, I would definitely hire her. :)