Friday, February 13, 2009

Nobody was ever uncheered by a balloon...

My Valentine left to go ice fishing in Cascade today. But he did an amazing job of making sure that Valerie and I felt loved.
First, he delivered this incredible Edible Arrangement to me at work. It was delicious - and the perfect solution for someone who asked him NOT to buy a box of chocolates.

Then, when Valerie and I got home tonight, there were cards and gifts and balloons waiting. Isn't he wonderful?
Now, I've got the little one to bed and I'm utterly enjoying my quiet evening surfing the web and watching one of my most favoritest movies, Love Actually.
Here's my favorite scene. It'll make you smile at least as much as a balloon.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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J+S said...

I love Edible Arrangements. I'm a little jealous that you received one!