Monday, May 4, 2009

If I Lived in Paris, I'd Still Be Asleep

Amazing photo by David Latt

Apparently I could put off Monday morning a little longer if I lived in France. According to this article, the French spend more time eating and sleeping than the people of any other wealthy country. The average citizen sleeps almost 9 hours a night and spends more than two hours a day eating. And they're thinner than Americans.
*Sigh* As if I didn't already have enough Parisian envy...

Other French things I love...

Marie Claire Idees



Croissant French Toast


J+S said...

Oh my goodness, I need to try the croissant French toast! And I'm with you on the macarons. I'm on a mission to find them in SLC, and I have been so lamentably unsuccessful. San Francisco has them abundantly, so I love to visit!

Ashley and Jeremy said...

ok that croissant french toast looks to die for! I'll move to Paris with you in a heart beat.