Thursday, May 14, 2009

If The Shoe Fits... Wear It With Different Ribbons Every Day

I have a new love. A long-distance love. A made-just-for-me, "sole"mate kind of love.

Unfortunately, it is also a 6-8-week-waiting-list kind of love.

Look at these shoes from my new made-in-America crush Mohop, and try to tell me you don't absolutly hate me for finding them first. I double-dog-dare you.

I must have them. Denying the instant connection simply isn't an option. I've already planned out the appropriate budget cuts to finance my next dose of happiness. Each pair comes with five sets of ribbons. And then you can buy even more on the website. So really, I'll be getting five pairs of shoes. That makes them a very economical investment in myself.


Suzie LeCheminant said...

Those are adorable, good job. If you didn't notice - one of the toe styles is named after me so even though you found them, I apparently inspired them! My birthday is coming up soon :)

The Hemming Family said...

Ummm...where do you get these????!!! I am in love.