Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sign Me Up!!!

I am a magazine addict. Perhaps no one knows this better than my poor husband. He has begrudgingly hauled my "permanent" collection from home to home over the past few years as we moved around the state. I love Martha Stewart; he has a unique reason to hate her with a passion.

A few months ago I discovered that I could buy used/donated magazines from the public library for .10. You seriously would have thought I'd won the lottery. I was that excited! While the selection isn't exactly what I would call vast, I do usually find a few treasures to feed my habit.

So imagine my absolute delirium when I heard an advertisement announcing Maghound a few months ago. For a monthly fee, you get to choose which magazines to have delivered to your house. You can change your selections throughout the year. I immediately logged on, but was devestated to find that it was not operational yet. I signed up to be notified as soon as it was up and running. Today, the long awaited email arrived! And..... there is a free 30-day membership!! Woo hoo! Now I can try out all those magazines I wouldn't order before in case I didn't love them. It's like Christmas in September.


Leslie said...

wow! that is amazing! I'm happy you will be able to continue to feed your magazine addiction!

Megs moments of madness said...

That's a great Barbie, too bad it doesn't come with optional children to put with the birds. Fortunately(or otherwise) I don't need to have the doll to capture the feeling, thats what cameras and home movies are for!