Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Love Making Things Simple

I've tried to be a scrapbooker. Seriously, I really have. I want to be a scrapbooker... I think. I am definitely really good at one part of it: the buying supplies part. I walk into the paper store, and I'm instantly dizzy with desire for all of the bright colors and glitter and stickers and, what's that word they use? Oh yeah, embellishments.

And trust me, all that fun stuff looks just about as pretty in my cute little paper organizer closet (which is about as far as it ever gets). Perhaps I should just consider it an investment into interior design and call it good.

At least with blogging I occasionally get down some dates and times and throw up a few photos. Occasionally.

So imagine my relief when I found this idea online a couple of weeks ago at inchmark. I know as well as anyone that we like things to be pretty, but really, the point of scrapbooking/journaling is to catch the every day moments that we want to remember, right? I resolve to stop saying, "Valerie said the most adorable thing the other day. I should write that down before I forget." Instead, I'm going to actually WRITE THAT THING DOWN. Novel idea, eh?

So... the next dillema will be what to do with all the jars I fill up. Do they have a store for pretty jar organization?

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J+S said...

Don't you just love Inchmark? And I, too, have a scrapbook store, I mean craft room, in my basement. They all look so pretty.