Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do You Have a Bucket List Yet??

I bought a book about 9 years ago called The Wish List. It's a book of 6,000 things to "do, have, see, taste, experience, achieve, give, be, learn, do for others, or try - just once - in this lifetime." I had a great time reading through all the ideas and adding to the list I had been keeping for years. I'm pretty sure I've never shared my list with anyone. And I'm pretty sure I haven't come any closer to achieving or experiencing most of the things on my list. So, I've decided to post it here (with a few exceptions kept just to myself). Maybe sharing it with the world will motivate me to do something about my list. Feel free to share yours with me or post it on your blog and share the link.

My List
Travel EXTENSIVELY (too many places to list)
Scuba Dive
Play the cello
Ride the Orient Express
Go on a yoga retreat
Swim with the dolphins
Sail on the Queen Mary II
Go on a sketching tour of Europe
Take English riding lessons
Spend at least a month living in Paris
Write a book
Stay at The Plaza in New York
Skinny dip
Design and build my dream house – with my pool
See the moon rise over every continent
Get a book published
Spend the night in a tree house
Spend a week at a spa
Speak Spanish and Italian and French
See the whales migrate
See pink flamingos in the wild
Learn to fence
Shop on Rodeo Drive
See turtles hatch and crawl to the sea
See the Mona Lisa in real life
Run with the Bulls in Pamplona
Land a Marlin
Stand on the equator
Drive a Maserati
Have blonde hair
Be able to recite my favorite poem from memory
Ice skate at Rockefeller Center
Salsa dance in Miami
Play the harp

If you haven't seen The Bucket List, you should definitely make it a point to do so. Here's the trailer:


Joe, Les & Stella said...

I love your blog, i want to see that movie so bad! I am adding you to my blog so i dont have to keep spying on you through suzie. I think i'll write a bucket list of my own... give me a few days!

Anonymous said...

hi. I had a Bucket once - turned out to be a dissappointment. I'm avoiding that name from now on, but I do love a good 'to do' or 'wish' list :)