Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Need a Vacation!

For those of you that have talked to me lately, you know I've been doing a lot of complaining about how busy I am at work. It's pretty bad. I like to have a neat, well-organized desk. I try to only have the one project I'm working on out at a time. Well, I'm failing miserably at that right now. My office looks like a storage facility and just look at my desk. It's enough to drive me insane. Fortunately I don't have time for such luxuries. I have deadlines!!

Sometimes I wonder whether I'm cut out for this job. But, I'm learning more and more every day. And who could leave a view like this?

Danny "built" Valerie a playhouse the other day from a box he got at work. It was soooooo cute! It even said Est. in 2008 on the back. He's so creative. Valerie just loved it, though she didn't really want to stand still long enough to have her picture taken. Maybe she'll let me take a break at her vacation house.

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Joe, Les & Stella said...

She is so cute! I love her little mini skirt!! I also love to have a clean desk, even if I can't see the floor around me due to laundry! I guess hiring my own Tony Danza!