Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a busy weekend here in Boise. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Let's start off with a picture of Valerie in her new Easter dress.

And here's Valerie at the Easter egg hunt at my Aunt Terri and Uncle Kerry's house. Valerie is really quite good at egg hunting.

Yesterday afternoon we went shooting with the Gilmores. Look at me shooting the big scary "Osama gun." My aim was a bit rusty, but by the end I got pretty good. Don't let Danny tell you any differently!

And this afternoon we went to the park over by Robert and Coli's house. Valerie had so much fun, and no injuries this time! She would have stayed there all day if we would have let her.


Joe, Les & Stella said...

I love Easter, Stella and I both got new dresses this year (dont make fun when you see them... we match). I'm happy we dont have a tradition of using fire arms though I hate guns but JOe would have loved it!

Brittany Iverson said...

I'm so sad that we weren't there! pq