Friday, October 31, 2008

Looking for Simpler Life, Lawyer Burns Harvard Law Diploma

I think I just threw up a little...
"Ever want to ditch the rat race? Burn your diploma and take a vow of simplicity?
If you thought about it, but could never quite muster the courage to strike a match, you can live vicariously through "Jack," a Washington, D.C., a 30-something lawyer who announced on his blog in June that he is giving up his $300,000-plus annual salary and opting for a simpler life.
In Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity, Jack blogs about his excesses and exit strategies. Then on Oct. 27, he took a key symbolic step in that direction. He burned his Harvard law diploma and posted a video on YouTube for all the world to bear witness....."

Article from ABA Journal Online


J+S said...

Oh the humanity!

J+S said...
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J+S said...

Okay, so I just looked at his post. I am now asking myself how he got in to Harvard. Why oh why would you quite your $300K job when you have consumer and student loan debt? Seriously, what is wrong with these people? I just threw up in my mouth.