Monday, June 9, 2008

Today I Love J.K. Rowling

I must shamefully admit that I do not remember one thing said by the speakers at law school graduation. Nor did I take much from either of my college graduations. And the same goes for high school graduation - despite the fact that I, among several others, spoke at that one.

However, I do remember, at times, feeling proud and inspired and on the edge of greatness. I got to feel a little of that again today when I read the commencement address given by J.K. Rowling at Harvard's graduation (for the price of Harvard tuition, could you expect any less?).

Parts of her speech really spoke to me - in a way that they would not have when I was 18, 20, or even 25. I believe I would have taken something different from her speech at each of those times in my life. I've had that experience before when I've revisited a favorite book, movie, song, or even a place.

Perhaps her words won't have the same effect on you. Maybe they would have been more meaningful to you at another time in your life, but maybe it's worth a try.

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Joe, Les & Stella said...

Hi Angela! I really need you to update your blog! I have heard great things about Valeries big day! I Need to see your cupcakes so I can take your creativity and us it as my own! Her little party dress is adorable! Where is it from/