Friday, June 27, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is spend time in the beautiful parks of Boise. Actually, the parks are one of my favorite things about Boise, period. We have walked or biked most of the Boise River greenbelt that runs all the way from Lucky Peak through Garden City. It makes exercise a total delight!

There is a lake behind Veterans' Memorial Park that is great for swimming in the evenings after work. The water is absolutely the perfect temperature. We took Jace (who is staying with us for the summer) and Valerie for a little cool down on Monday night.

Now, I know parks, rivers, and lakes are the habitat of many undomesticated animal-types. We were totally prepared to see some ducks and geese, maybe even a squirrel or two. Unfortunately, we ran into some "wild things" of a different nature. We got into a bit of an "altercation" with the people swimming next to us at the lake. They were being unbelievably loud and obscene. It's astonishing the things some people will say, even in the presence of children. Seriously, I wanted to wash their mouths out at the carwash down the street; it was really that bad. As Danny pointed out, and many of you know, I am pretty adverse to confrontation of any kind. But, do not think for one second that I will not stand up for myself or my child when necessary. I did not think a simple request to watch their language was inappropriate. But, rarely are things so simple. Fortunately, after we "offered" to have the police settle the problem, they toned it down and, for the most part, left us in peace.

We did, eventually, have a smashing time and hope to go back soon - preferably without all the unpleasantness.
P.S. Some wild things are rather cute. I submit Exhibits A and B:

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