Sunday, June 8, 2008

X-Games Star/Beauty Queen in Training

My child has no fear. She's up for anything (and has the bruises and scrapes to prove it). Last weekend she tried out her Uncle Brandon's dirt bike with a little help from her dad. By the end she was freestyling it with one hand!

And as she passed by, she paused for her Miss America wave, like any proper lady would.

Our little angel turns two in just four days. We're having a birthday party on Saturday at 4:00 with a Princess bouncy house and lots of sprinkler fun. Come play with us!!

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Joe, Les & Stella said...

She is so adorable! I love that Brandon gets a dirt bike... he was so small when I first met him and now he has a mind of his own! I hope Valerie has a very fun birthday! I am excited Suzie gets to be there. I wish me and Stella could come too!